About Lighthouse Infrastructure


Lighthouse Infrastructure is an investment firm and a fund manager focused on sustainable infrastructure investment. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Lighthouse Infrastructure has been operating for more than 10 years and is owned by the staff members of the firm.


Sustainability is the ability to maintain a given level of activity. Lighthouse Infrastructure relates this capacity to our investment and asset management activities by strongly believing in:

  • Environmental sensitivity: humanity is challenged by resource depletion and climate change. For the investments we make to be sustainable, they must efficiently utilise our scarce resources and care for the environment;
  • Social responsibility: infrastructure assets provide essential services to communities they serve and inform and contribute to the public good. For their activities to be sustainable, investors and asset managers must provide access to infrastructure enabled services in a fair and an efficient manner;
  • Productivity: for any activity to be sustainable it must be productive. Investment activity must provide mutual benefits to users and to owners.


Lighthouse Infrastructure invests in sustainable infrastructure assets. We analyse and apply these elements in making our investment decisions, we measure and monitor our assets for these elements, and we make asset management decisions to improve these outcomes.


At Lighthouse we believe that our sustainability focus will generate long term prosperity for:

  • Our investors: through superior risk adjusted returns over the long term;
  • The community: who benefit from the productivity created and services generated by the assets which we manage and in which we invest;
  • Our team: who benefit from the positive impact their work has for others and the long term career prospects this generates;
  • Our business: by successfully adding value to the collective needs of our key stakeholders.
Our Business

Lighthouse Infrastructure believes that sustainable competitive advantage in investment management is derived from people and relationships:

  • People: superior investment decisions and strategies are generated by people. Lighthouse Infrastructure seeks to attract and to retain the highest quality people to work in the firm. Lighthouse Infrastructure retains these people within the firm through a satisfying work environment and a diverse ownership of the firm by the staff;
  • Relationships: strategic competitive advantages and significant efficiencies can be generated by strong and trusting relationships. Lighthouse is selective about relationships it looks to develop and nurtures these relationships with a focus on integrity and mutual benefit.
Key Relationships

Lighthouse Infrastructure’s key relationships include:

  • Harvard University;
  • Stanford University;
  • APEC;
  • OECD;
  • United Nations.
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